6. Capturing with VirtualDub or VirtualVCR

6.1 Capturing with VfW or WDM drivers

"I see that there are a lot of capturing programs (like: VirtualVCR, iuVCR, Virtualdub, VirtualdubMod, AVIO, FLYDS and more), which one should I use?"

In principle you could try all of them, but there are some catches. There exists two device driver models: VfW (Video for Windows) and WDM (Windows Driver Model). The capture programs VirtualVCR, iuVCR and FLYDS support WDM, and Virtualdub, VirtualdubMod and AVIO support VfW. But a capture driver is based on one of those device driver models. In principle you should stick to the following:

In this guide it will be shown how to capture with two capture programs: Virtualdub (which supports VfW) and VirtualVCR (which supports WDM). Below is some more information about VfW and WDM. If this is to technical for you, just proceed with the next subsection.

Some general information about VfW and WDM:

Some bt8x8 driver information: Some Hauppauge driver information:

WDM Video Capture Overview: General VfW and WDM information, states also the advantages of WDM.
Capture using Video for Windows: The timeline of VfW and WDM.
Video Capture: More general info about VfW and WDM.
VfWWDM wrapper: The download link can be found in question 14.
DirectX 9.0b patch: Non-NTSC TV Tuner Hotfix for DirectX 9.0b
An interesting Doom9 thread about the history of vfw and wdm.

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