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There's still plenty of room for improvement of this Guide (as always). To accomplish this, please tell us what to improve. Any critics are very welcome.

Please post your critiques into the Doom9.org capture section or for very urgent issues please PM Wilbert (author). You can also drop us an email (addresses at the end of this section).

19.1 History

The "original" guide (v1.0) was written in German language and is hosted at doom9.de, the German mirror of doom9.org. It was written by BaronVlad (who sadly stopped being an active moderator/member of doom9, and continued to work on this guide till v2.0) and translated by Steve.

For the second (v2.0) version some people wrote new parts for this guide. Wilbert wrote the AviSynth and GKnot part and Steve wrote the logo removal part. We were able to add some words about NTSC capturing and the neverending story "What is Full PAL/NTSC ?". This was a hard nut to crack and we wouldn't have been able to crack it without Karl, Wilbert, theWEF and other helping hands.

For the third (v3.0) version of the guide, we had many good suggestions, and a lot is added. The PAL/NTSC resizing part is improved, making a clear difference between 'ITU compliant capturing' and 'capturing with a horizontal scaler'. The VirtualVCR capturing (based on WDM) part is added by zisoft and translated by Steve. The BT8x8 Tweaker part is added by ppera2. Regarding AviSynth: the logo removal part is extended, removing/correcting of rainbows and chromashifts is explained. We tried to make this guide a bit more technical than the previous versions. Although this will please some people, it will also be a bit harder to follow for people who just began with capturing. We hope that we have found a good mix.

You are now reading the (v4.0) version of the guide. This time the changelog is substantional. Many things are added or rewritten by the Version4 team (Wilbert, trevlac, arachnotron and i4004 (Ivo)). A short overview:

We had to add these words here to let you know, that this guide is not the work of one person! Thanks for your help.

19.2 Thanks a lot

Everyone who helped in developing the Guide and gave us the knownledge to write it.

We want to thank especially:
First release: BaronVlad (as the main editor), Ookami, SillKotscha, Doom9, Mattheo, Hawk, der_Karl, fISH, Kika, Ted66, Avery Lee, Andreas Dittrich, Donald Graft and many other helping "hands" in the forums. Starting at the Ultimateboard, over Doom9.org and Doom9.de to DVDboard.de.
Second release: BaronVlad (as the main editor), Mijo, Karl and i4004 (ivo), Belgabor, Dark$oul71, bb, jggimi, FredThompson and everybody we have forgotten ... 
Third release: Nuked for proofreading certain parts of the guide, ppera2 also for proofreading certain parts and writing the BT8x8 Tweaker part. zisoft (gleitz.de) for writing the VirtualVCR part. Piper, Arachnotron, Kurosu, High Speed Dubb, FredThompson and ronnylov for providing certain clip samples. And everybody we have forgotten.
Fourth release: Arachnotron, Trevlac and Ivo for their help and enthousiasm in preparing/writing/discussing this release. Kempodragon, Centurione, superblast and FlimsyFeet for providing sample clips and FredThompson.

19.3 Contact information

Version4 team (including contact information):
editor: Wilbert <wilbertdijkhof at yahoo.com>
capping freaks: Trevlac <trevlac_us at yahoo.coml>, Arachnotron <arachnotron at hccnet.nl>, i4004 (Ivo) <kosta_ at net.hr>

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