VobSub Guide

There isn't very much to say here, really. But since a lot of people apparently simply ignore the faq.txt file in the vobsub zipfile here we go:

DirectVobSub is simply a DirectShow filter which can be used to display subtitle files created by VobSub during playback in Windows Media Player, PowerDivX NextGen and maybe other players as well. Since VobSub grabs the subtitle as bitmaps rather than using OCR it's possible to have all kinds of special characters without hassle and you don't have to train any program.

Step 1: Installation

Run the installation program to install both VobSub (required for subtitle extraction) and DVobSub (required for playback).

Step 2: Rip the subtitles

Start a command prompt (start - run - command/cmd), change to the directory where you have vobsub.dll and type "rundll32 vobsub.dll,Configure"

Press open and specify the IFO from your movie. Then you'll be asked for a directory where it can save the index file. Don't worry, that file is less than 1MB. Then you'll be presented this screen:

By default all subtitle stream that VobSub can identify will be selected (= be on the right side). If you'd like to remove some, or add other streams you can just select them and press the --> button (to add) and <-- button (to remove) to add and remove respectively.

By default Program chain no.1 is selected which is normally the main movie. If in doubt start DVD Decrypter, press I and look what PGC it selects (it will select the main movie), or you might recall which PGC you ripped.

Do not touch the Vob and Cell section unless you really know what you're doing, make sure Reset time at the first included vob/cell id is checked, then press OK.

After indexing you'll the the following screen. Select the right subtitle track in the marked dropdown list. You can also define the colors for your subtitles and the transparency and move the subs if you don't like them at their current place.

Then press OK. After a while when it's done indexing press OK to get back to the filter selection. VobSub will have created 3 new files in the directory you indicated before (to save the index file). These files are named like your ifo file, for instance in our case vts_01_0.ifo, vts_01_0.idx and vts_01_0.sub. Rename these 3 files so that they have the same name as your AVI file. For instance if your AVI is called matrix.avi rename vts_01_0.ifo to matrix.ifo, vts_01_0.idx to matrix.idx and vts_01_0.sub to matrix.sub. You can also compress the .sub file using WinRar.

Step 3: Cutting

First you have to cut your AVI files. To do this you most likely are going to use VirtualDub. VirtualDub shows the current time point in its timeline. Write down that value exactly as it is.

Start up a command prompt again, go to the directory where vobsub.dll is and type "rundll32 vobsub.dll,Cutter".

Press Open... and select your subtitle files. Then enter the exact start and end values as VirtualDub gave you. The first AVI starts at 0:0:0:0. The 2nd starts with the end time of the first, etc.

Each time you've set it up for a disc press Save as and give it the same name as the AVI for the current CD has.

Step 4: Playback

Put your AVI, IFO, IDX and SUB file into the same directory and double click on the AVI. Right clicking in the window will bring up a popup menu where there's an entry called languages. There you'll find the various languages and you can turn subtitles on or off.

This document was last updated on December 30, 2002