Gordian Knot Guide

Gordian Knot is a frontend for SBC encoding. In its current version it is a frontend for pretty much everything related to SBC encoding, including ripping, creating DVD2AVI project files, resize, calculate bitrate and encode audio and video. Its use is pretty straightforward so that even less experienced people can use SBC for their rips to get better quality than the most popular encoding program in the newbie world: FlaskMpeg/XMpeg.

If you run into problems during the process make sure you check out the Gordian Knot forum and read the Gordian Knot Q&A. Many thanks to DDogg to get the initial guide started.

You will need the following software for this guide:

DVD Decrypter
GordianKnot Rippack
GordianKnot Codec pack

Step 0: First time setup

You will only have to perform this step once.

Install the GordianKnot Rippack, then install the GordianKnot system pack. When installing the codec pack, only select the codec you really want to include. Also start Nandub and VirtualDubMod manually one time and click OK to every warning that might appear after startup. You can find the link to both applications in your start menu under Programs - Gordian Knot - Apps.

Step 1: Basic GKnot Setup

This step will teach you how to set up GKnot for a perfectly good looking rip.

Step 2: Encoding video

Only a few more steps and GKnot will automatically encode video and multiplex audio for you without any further manual interaction.

Step 3: Splitting (if required)

If you created a movie for more than 1 CD and didn't use the autosplit feature, you have to split it up now.

This document was last updated on September 3, 2005