Closed Caption addendum - by Timekills

When using DIF4U, if you check the boxes for CC and raw, you will end up with a number of files pertaining to closed captions. To import we are really only concerned with the .raw files. Download vobsub2csc.exe, and drag'n'drop the .raw closed caption file(s) on the vobsub2scc.exe icon. You will get two files - one of which wil have an .scc extension. These are the Scenarist-compatible subtitles.

Now, ensure that Property Browser is enabled (under View) and double-click on a video track - the same way you check to ensure that drop frame is enabled. If you scroll down near the bottom of the video track's info in the Property Browser, you will see "Line21 Switch 1" and "Line21 File1". Those are the markers for closed captions. Simply check the box in "Line21 Switch 1", and select your .scc file you created in "Line21 File1". This will re-import your closed captions.


This document was last updated on March 9, 2003