DVD subtitles

Start up SubRip, press the VOB button (first button on the left of the button bar), then press the Open IFO button and select the appropriate IFO file.

Check Save SubPictures as BMP and + TC & Res. as shown in the screenshot. Also select the right language stream.

Last but not least press Clear Text File and Reset to reset the timecode, then press Start.

Immediately afterwards you'll be asked to set a name for the subtitle bitmaps. As there can be a large number of such bitmaps (one per subtitle) I suggest you select a 3 letter name corresponding to the language of the subtitle stream. For instance I chose eng for the English subtitles, ger for the German ones and esp for the Spanish subtitles.

Once the first subtitle has been encountered you'll get to the following screen:

Now pick the appropriate output format according to what authoring program you're going to use. The screenshot shows how it should look when you select the Scenarist format. If you're using Maestro just select Maestro instead, the colors and the color order will already be properly set up.

Once you've done so go to the cropping tab.

Set Minimum Picture Width to 720 as shown on the left and Minimum Picture Height according to the TV format of your properties. A PAL DVD is 576 pixels, an NTSC DVD would be 480.

Then also set the Vertical Alignment to Bottom.

Then go to the Positioning tab and make sure Allow BMP position change is not checked.

Then press OK and let Subrip process the movie. Once all subtitles have been extracted, select File - Save As to save the file containing all the coordinates and timecodes. Then repeat the process for every other subtitle stream you want to extract.

If you want to extract just forced subtitles (that are subtitles that you cannot switch off, they're usually used when a part of the movie is spoken in another language and not dubbed) select Options - Global options before you start the conversion:

Here check Forced subtitles only and press OK. Other than that the process is exactly the same.


This document was last updated on August 10, 2005